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Volunteer Opportunities

Join our EarthLinks Community

We are now taking volunteers again!
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. We are forever grateful for your support.
EarthLinks truly relies on the love and support of our volunteers, who have stepped up and helped us through some difficult times. Over 600 volunteers logged over 7,000 hours with EarthLinks in 2019, volunteering alongside program participants while crafting eco-friendly products, or getting their hands dirty in our Peace Garden. Volunteers also helped with the many external sales that we participate in throughout the year all over Denver and other neighboring cities.
Without this help, EarthLinks would not be where it is today. 
To become a part of our community, contact our Deputy Director, Gretchen Roberts at to get on the list of people who are interested in volunteering! 

The EarthLinks Workshop runs from 9:30 to 11:30 am Tuesday through Thursday. Workshop Volunteers can assist with food preparation and sanitization for breakfast, setting up tables and preparing materials for products, crafting products alongside program participants, general organization and clean-up of the garage space, sorting of finished products, and other tasks as directed by the EarthLinks Program Team. We welcome your creativity and expertise! Skills needed the most are:

-Sewing skills, ability to work with sewing machines

-Organization skills and a desire to help with deep cleaning. We know this is not a fun job, but is a HUGE help to us!

-Cooking and food preparation

-Woodworking skills to help make many of our woodworking products!

Starting in late February all the way until late October we also need help in our organic Peace Garden. Volunteers  can assist the Program Team with sifting and turning compost, transplanting flowers and vegetables, picking flowers and foliage for use in the workshop, watering, weeding, natural pest treatments, general cleanup or maintenance, and other garden work as directed by the Program and Garden Director.

Please come dressed and prepared for outside garden work by wearing comfortable clothes that you are okay with getting dirty, wear close toed shoes, and bring a water bottle and sunscreen! Many of the garden tools that you need will be provided to you by EarthLinks, but feel free to bring your own if you would like!

This is one of our biggest area of need since we have such limited staff capacity here at EarthLinks. We participate in about 60 external sales throughout the year at markets around the Denver Metro area, and in neighboring cities like Boulder, Evergreen, Aurora, and Colorado Springs. The vast majority of our sales happen on weekends, with some of them happening earlier in the year, but most of them occurring during the pre-holiday months (October thru December).
Sales volunteer shifts usually last 2 to 4 hours, and include:
-Setting up and breaking down the sales table according to the guidelines set up by EarthLinks
-Engaging with shoppers and promoting EarthLinks products by sharing what is unique about them
-Sharing EarthLinks mission with people and talking about the work that we do
-Completing and keeping track of sales via our Square register
-Restocking the table as needed one products are sold 
Prior to any sale, you will receive training on the products, Square register and talking points so that you are prepared. If you sign up for this volunteer position, keep and eye out for schedule sign-ups for upcoming sales. 

Starting from about May all the way to October, EarthLinks relies greatly on larger volunteer groups to tackle our larger summer garden and maintenance projects. EarthLinks generally works with volunteer groups as small as 5 people, all the way to 20-person groups. If you think your workplace, church, or community would like to get involved in this way, please contact us at so that we can get you on our summer work group schedule!

Nature Trips are one of the most popular and favored experiences at EarthLinks. This includes taking a group of 10-14 program participants on small hiking and picnic spots within 30-40 miles of the Denver Metro Area. Nature trips are an opportunity for participants to get out of the city and enjoy all of Colorado’s wonders and find a peaceful safe place for them to reflect and decompress. Due to limited transportation abilities, this is often the only opportunity for many program participants to get out of the city. 
When Nature Trips are scheduled, the Program Team may need additional help preparing a picnic lunch the day before or driving our community bus the day of the trip. Adequate training will be provided for these tasks!

We are in great need of a volunteer that has experience with graphic design and web development to help the EarthLinks Marketing Team with our website, flyers, product labels, merchandise design, sales brochures, and other visual materials.

Preferred experience with but not limited to:






-Avery online label printing program

Throughout the year, EarthLinks hosts around five fundraising events centered around making connections, selling products, sharing participant stories, hosting people in our Peace Garden, and most of all having fun!
The main special events that EarhLinks hosts are:
-Seed Madness our virtual fundraising campaign in March
-Mother’s Day Organic Plant Sale weekend of Mother’s Day
-Summer Sidewalk Sale happening in June or July
-Imagine Gala- our largest fundraiser of the year happening in the Fall
-Holiday Gift Market happening the second weekend in December
Volunteers can help with:
-Distributing flyers and spreading the word
-Assisting with acquiring silent auction items and then picking them up throughout the Denver area.
-Putting together and decorating silent auction items 
-Taking photos throughout the events
-Ticketing and greeting people attending the events 
-Serving drinks and food

If you’re handy, we can always use help maintaining our office and workshop. We already have many tools here!

Skills needed:

-Woodworking and carpentry skills

-Ability to lift 50lbs or over

-Knowledge of sprinkler systems especially in-ground hose watering systems

-Electrical expertise

We are always in need of volunteers who can help folks within our community move. This may require lifting heavy boxes or furniture and driving or providing a large truck. If you are interested in this position your contact info will be placed on a separate contact list – we will alert you when there is a need for assistance!

Don’t see a volunteer opportunity that quite fits what you’d like to offer? We can work with you to create a position that will meet your needs and ours. Let us know!

Already registered as a volunteer? Access the Volunteer Portal through the Login Page


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Volunteers under age 18 must be approved by EarthLinks staff prior to volunteering with EarthLinks. Please fill out the below application for volunteering. By clicking ‘submit’ you agree that you’ve read and understood both our volunteer waiver and release forms thereby agreeing to obey EarthLinks’ rules and protocols. If you are under 18, please print off the above application and release forms as well as filling out the below application and have a legal parent/guardian sign both forms with their consent and knowledge that you will be volunteering here at EarthLinks.