Seed Madness

A Competitive Fundraiser

Who will be the top seed?


Seed Madness is a competitive style fundraiser with eight different teams consisting of staff members, interns, volunteers, and participants competing to win the honorary title of the “Top Seed” and a special prize. The fundraiser will last three weeks, starting on March 16th, and ending on April 3rd. At the end of the fundraiser, the team with the most points will become the winner.
Points for your team can be earned in two different ways. The first way to earn points is to have money donated online, with a link to your specific team through the Colorado Gives Day website. The second way is to bring in items that are needed to make products, and the list of their point values are on the back of this sheet.
Every Friday we will list the team standings. Check our social media and the TV in the garage for game time updates! Our website and Facebook will have all of the information as well as links to the Team donation pages.

Good luck!


8 teams competing made up of EarthLinks staff and participants.

Proceeds support our community- people who are experiencing homelessness and economic poverty.

Top Seed

The Winner!

Our 2020 goal is to raise $8,000!

The Team who raised the most in donations will be…The Top Seed. 

Help your favorite team win it all!

Blissful Beets

You ever heard the phrase “Kill them with kindness”? Well here to exemplify that motto are the Blissful Beets, a gathering of the most zenned-out root veggies known to man. They have come to the Seed Madness arena this year to dominate with happiness and a liberal smattering of glitter.

Bold Basils

In a world, where spices were abused and underused, a group of herbs chose to rise up in the face of mistreatment. They donned the moniker of Bold Basils in order to battle all things evil and bland. The Bold Basils have chosen this year’s Seed Madness as their final stand, will you join the fight or be swallowed by flavorlessness?

Evil Eggplants

Shunned as youths from their distinctions as fruit, yet not quite accepted as vegetables, these aubergines had no choice but to turn to the dark side. The Evil Eggplants roam the land, causing mischief and pestering all those who have done them wrong, veggie or fruit. They have joined this year's Seed Madness in order to show the world that no matter their botanical definition, they are the top of the food chain.

Flower Power

This anti-conformity, counterculture faction has come to Seed Madness touting peace, love, and nonviolence. In an effort to show all plants to their roots in kindness and brotherhood, Flower Power intends to overthrow this system of division. By winning, this team will have shown everyone that sometimes you have to play a little dirty to gain world peace.

Phantom Peppers

Legend tells of a mysterious band of ghoulish peppers who stalk the premises of EarthLinks after dark, sabotaging the garden in whatever ways they can. The story goes that their plant was ill and caused them to grow deformed, making them bitter at the world. It is for revenge that the Phantom Peppers have entered Seed Madness, revenge against those who grew so beautifully in the same garden that maimed them.

Sage Sisters

The Sage Sisters, a folk and bluegrass collective, are renowned for leading their listeners through the trials and tribulations of contemporary society and into the light. They have come to Seed Madness to spread their musical message of peace and healing, but are just as ready to battle their way to the top.

Squash, oh my gosh!

Don’t let the pom-poms and ponytails fool you, this squad has spirit and competitive nature to boot! They’re ready to be aggressive and show everyone that squash ain’t nothin to mess with. Now get ready to spell victory S-Q-U-A-S-H as Squash, oh my gosh! make their Seed Madness debut.

Thieving Tomatoes

This rotten bunch of robbers have been in the game since they fell off the vine. No matter how high the stakes, from fresh produce in the garden to a stealthily clipped sunflower, they always managed to pull off the perfect heist. The Thieving Tomatoes have joined Seed Madness this year for the ultimate caper--stealing first place!

Seed Madness

2019 Stats

Amount Raised

Over $5,000!! We exceeded our goal!

Who was the Top Seed?

Flower Power swept the competition at the very last minute! Will they keep their title in 2020 or fall from their flower throne!?


The Cool Cucumbers took 2nd place, with The Tenacious Tomatoes a close 3rd!