Seed Madness

A Competitive Fundraiser

Help your favorite team win it all!

2020 Coming Soon!

Who will be the top seed?


 A 3 week long competitive fundraiser styled after March Madness.

But with an Earthy twist- our Teams are based off the plants we grow in our urban garden!


8 teams competing made up of EarthLinks staff and participants.

Proceeds support our community- people who are experiencing homelessness and economic poverty.

Top Seed

The Winner!

Our 2019 goal was to raise $5,000!

The Team who raised the most in donations will be…The Top Seed. 

Seed Madness

2019 Stats

Amount Raised

Over $5,000!! We exceeded our goal!

Who was the Top Seed?

Flower Power swept the competition at the very last minute! Will they keep their title in 2020 or fall from their flower throne!?


The Cool Cucumbers took 2nd place, with The Tenacious Tomatoes a close 3rd!

2019's Bracket

Who will be the 2020 Top Seed?