Seed Madness

A Competitive Fundraiser

Help your favorite team win it all!

Who will be the top seed?


 A 3 week long competitive fundraiser styled after March Madness.

But with an Earthy twist- our Teams are based off the plants we grow in our urban garden!


8 teams competing made up of EarthLinks staff and participants.

Proceeds support our community- people who are experiencing homelessness and economic poverty.

Top Seed

The Winner!

Our 2019 goal is to raise $5,000!

The Team who raised the most in donations will be…The Top Seed. 

The Competing Teams

Barbaric Basils team logo new FINAL2

The Barbaric Basils

These guys are known to stop at nothing to get their win. Off the court, The Barbaric Basils can be found hanging around in EarthLinks' Peace Garden. But don't let their affinity for plants fool you- these guys can play!

The Cool Cucumbers

Talk about smooth moves! The Cool Cucumbers glide their way on court effortlessly scoring wins! The team prides their no-stress attitudes on EarthLinks' Calming Loose-Leaf Tea. This team is just too cool!

The Evil Eggplants

Watch out for the Evil Eggplants! They play dirty and don't care who knows it! Off the court, a lot of the players can be found working in EarthLinks' Woodshop hammering away their rage!

Flower Power

This team is all about good vibes and peace but don't worry underneath all that care for Earth is the tough determination to get that win! Off the court, Flower Power teammates do their best to keep our recycling, composting and worm farm all in tip-top shape at EarthLinks!

The Olympic Okra's

Gold medals come easy for the Olympic Okra's but we'll see how they match up to the rest of the teams! These Herculean players are in for a treat! This team swears by EarthLinks' all-natural, Healing Arnica solid lotion bar to help recoup after a long game.

The Mighty Medicinals

Don't let their size fool you! These tiny little green machines are terrors on the court! To take a breather- this team loves using EarthLinks' Calming Mists, based with Lavender essential oils!

The Tenacious Tomatoes

This team is ready to rock your world! These tough guys will give it their all and never quit! Their favorite spot off the court is hanging around EarthLinks' Beehives.

sgt pepper team logo FINAL2

The Sgt. Pepper's

The Sgt. Pepper's, combining two great things; the iconic Beatles and delicious peppers, are a force to be reckoned with. They sing just as good as they play, and taste even better! This team cannot wait for EarthLinks' 2019 Salsa Summer Showdown!


who will you make the top seed?