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Winter Squash – Black Forest Kabocha

Winter Squash – Black Forest Kabocha


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Company: Uprising Seeds. When we grew for market, come fall everyone would go gaga for the sweetness of the delicata, the thick rich flesh of the butternut, the classic beauty of a stuffed acorn. We would quietly smile and nod knowing we had a pile of kabocha at home to get us through the winter. The classic squash of Japanese cuisine, it is for those who value richness over sweetness. Squat round 3-4lb squashes roast up to a lovely flakey texture, and the flavor… rich nutty deliciousness with just the perfect amount of sweet. One of our favorite fall dishes is a simple kabocha soup with the roasted dark green skin chopped up, fried crisp, and sprinkled over the top. Small-medium vines produce 3-4 squashes per plant. Our favorite winter squash, it could be yours too. 95 days. MP

Winter Squash – Black Forest Kabocha


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