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Monarda- Lemon Bergamot Seedling

Monarda- Lemon Bergamot Seedling


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(Monarda citriodora) A member of the mint family, this perennial flowering herb is native across much of the United States and Mexico. Vertically stacked whorls of impossibly vibrant purple flowers prove irresistible to bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and just buzz with pollinators (hence another common name for it, “bee balm”). The young leaves and flowers are edible and have been long used to lend a lemony-citrusy taste to herbal teas, sweets, and even liquors. They are also excellent as cuts with a long vase life. Usually grown as a half-hardy annual. Photo and description thanks to: Uprising Seeds

Monarda- Lemon Bergamot Seedling


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