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“Langsdorff’s Tobacco” – Nicotiana

“Langsdorff’s Tobacco” – Nicotiana


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Company: Uprising Seeds. It’s lovely when plants need very little from us. This one seems to thrive on appreciative glances and not too much else. Nothing bothers it and pollinators adore it. WE love it! Absurd as it may be in a world of color, lime green flowers remain a favorite of ours and harmonious companion for the rest of your cutting garden. It makes up for its lack of smell with captivating trumpet-shaped flowers that hang vertically no matter what (hang in loose pendulous clusters from long stems), unusual blue pollen, and rosettes of large green leaves customary to the tobacco family. Deer don’t like it and you shouldn’t eat it either. Put it in a vase and love it with your eyes only. 2-4’ tall with profuse blooms. Deadhead and it will bloom until frost. Also, pulchritudinous. Look it up!

“Langsdorff’s Tobacco” – Nicotiana


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