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Jacob’s Ladder- Blue Pearl Seedling

Jacob’s Ladder- Blue Pearl Seedling


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Polemonium caeruleum) Jacob’s ladder earns its common name from the tidy and regular 90-degree placements of the many narrow leaflets on the compound leaves, giving the appearance of a structure very conducive for climbing if one were the proper height. Also known as Greek valerian it starts as a rosette of lush ferny foliage eventually stretching to about 30” topped with clusters of lovely sky-blue 1” blooms featuring bright yellow contrasting anthers. Perennial, it thrives in dappled sunlight/part shade and moist well-draining ground. At our farm its is one of the first to bloom, providing an early venue of enthusiasm for the grateful neighborhood pollinators. Perennial. Blooms first year. Cut back to encourage the second flush of blooms. Photo and description thanks to: Uprising Seeds

Jacob’s Ladder- Blue Pearl Seedling


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