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Garbanzo “Pico Pardal” Bean Seed Packet

Garbanzo “Pico Pardal” Bean Seed Packet


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Photo and Description from the High Desert Seeds Website

All seed packets are non-GMO, open-pollinated/open source, and specially adapted for our Colorado climate.

Cicer arietinum

After a few years of trialing garbanzo beans, we are excited to offer this variety. It has been the most consistent for us under weed pressure, drought conditions and performs even in years when we just can’t get it planted early enough.

The Pico Pardal garbanzo hails from Leon region of Northwest Spain. There, it is known for its small size, pronounced beak, and buttery flavor and it’s use in a traditional meat soup dish “maragato.” A vegetable packer attempted to trademark its name and restrict the use of this traditional bean in 1998. However, 17 years later the courts ruled that the variety belonged to the Leon culture. Free the seed!

We plant this variety at the same time we plant peas and when given adequate space (10-12’) and minimal weed pressure, they will produce large productive plants.

Garbanzo “Pico Pardal” Bean Seed Packet

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