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Corn , Soltera Morado, Sweet

Corn , Soltera Morado, Sweet


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Company: Siskiyou. Soltera Morado translates to single purple. This is the result from crossing various red cob and white cob flour and sweet corn lines to develop a red sweet corn he calls Blood Brothers. Then in 2002, he crossed Blood Brothers (male) with Martian Red, a sweet corn with purple cobs. Nearly every part of the plant contains streaks of deep purple red- the leaves, silks, tassels, stalks, cobs, husks, and pollen. Bergin says that it has at least 4 times and perhaps as much as 20 times the anthocyanins as blueberries. The ears are 6-8 long with deep dark blood red kernels. This is a wonderful dye plant – see the photo below from natural dye enthusiast

Corn , Soltera Morado, Sweet


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