Next Workshop Program Sign Up 7/29

Is our Workshop Program a good fit for you?

  • Are you currently experiencing homelessness or have recently experienced homelessness?
  • Do you meet  HUD AMI guidelines for “Extremely Low-income” (if you make less than $12,490 per year)?
  • Are you interested in a paid opportunity to gain skills in developing Earth-friendly products (including soap-making, woodworking, candle-making & more)?
  • Or do you have an interest in being paid for working in our organic, on-site garden?
  • Interested in extracurricular opportunities such as Writing Workshop, Bee Club, Yoga, or an Art Class?
  • Have a passion for being a part of a community & caring for Earth?
For more information on our Workshop Program, click here.
Next Workshop Program Sign Up 7/29

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